Dr. Luyaluka

As a researcher, Dr. Luyaluka has published more than 25 scientific papers and authored 14 books on African spirituality and epistemology. His major scientific contributions to academic knowledge includes:

  1. The first statement of a systematic natural theology. It shows that the core corpus of the religion of ancient Egypt, Sumer and Kôngo culture is a set of deductive coherent statements, an exact science. This implies that in its original from the African traditional religion is also an exact science!
  2. The simplest « theory of everything », the easiest mathematical explanation of gravitation at the astronomic and subatomic levels resulting from the cosmology of African traditional religion.
  3. The first statement of the naturalized epistemology of African traditional knowledge. It demonstrates that African traditional knowledge is a science based on a posteriori truths.

Dr. Luyaluka is currently one of the leading scholars in the field of African traditional religion, especially in the domain of Bukôngo or kôngo religion.


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